CasinoRobot uses cookies to work properly. With the help of these, I can adapt my page and make it look good for you, whether you visit me with your mobile or computer.

My goal is to perform fast and at the same time look good, and for this I need to gather information about what screen size you have and what type of browser you use. For this I use free Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.

What is Google Webmaster and Google Analytics?
These are small snippets of code that I have posted on my page. These send a small signal to a google account that I use and on it I can see when a visit has been made to my page, how the visitor found me, possibly what keyword was used to find here and more.

I absolutely do not see who you are! – These cookies do not collect any personal information but only give me information that someone visited my site, at a certain time and used, for example, a Samsung mobile phone.

Third party cookies

On my site I have so-called “affiliate links”. They are linked to all the links that go to an online casino that is on my site. After you click on an affiliate link that goes to a casino, you are covered by that casino’s cookie policy because you have left my page and are on another page.

Ush what a text the robot thinks aloud!
In short, this means that my responsibility to inform you about which cookies or policies apply ceases in its entirety after you leave the site. And of course that the casino you visit should inform you about which cookies the casino uses and also ask you if you accept these.

How to control cookies

You can check and delete cookies exactly as you wish. Learn more at . You can delete all cookies that are on your computer and you can set the browser so that it does not accept any cookies. In this case, you may need to redo some settings each time you visit a website and some services and features may not work.

Delete cookies from your browser

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